Welcome to my second home… ONLINE!

I strongly believe…

The world is beautiful in its raw, pristine, untouched form
assisted, enabled, conserved by invisible technology
that is low(no?)-wastage, resource-conserving, efficient.

This is at the core of all I do – be it a mundane task or building software.

Of course, at work, I translate this into architecting and building high performance, efficient, scalable, optimal, reusable, generic, future-enabling, evolving telecommunication products with strong focus on getting the most done for every watt, every byte, every instruction used. And, I see to it that it is contagious…

In daily life, you will often spot me switching off electrical appliances, saving water, following the reduce-reuse-recycle principle, being non-wasteful with food, optimizing fuel usage while driving, and when it comes to software, getting work done with least clicks or via shortcuts. I work with the next generation, children, to imbibe a behaviour of conservation. Essentially, being minimalist!

The kind of invisible technology I am talking about is software or technologies blending seamlessly with the world.