It all starts… with the first step

The image is of newly born turtle hatchlings – this is hour zero of their lives. They took their first step right away without waiting for an opportune moment or to master walking and swimming. We ought to learn from them… (Location: Velas, Maharashtra, India)

I have been putting off writing blogs or articles all this while just to have the perfect content to go out and share with the world. In this time, I have lost a lot of thoughts that crossed my mind – many novel and worth sharing.

I resolve to not let be held back by the need to put up the best. Volatire said that the perfect is the enemy of the good. I  have realised that when I start, I do a very good job and often do put the best forward. It should not result in a future lament that something was better than nothing. So, I vow to not hold back. Hey you too… Get going…

Author: Ankur Satle

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