A fast language learner, outdoor sport enthusiast, cosmology freak, no-post-processing photographer, who is resource-miserly & environment-friendly tendencies, and with a mammoth appetite for taste-bud adventure… and a lover of C++ programming.

There is more to me than just work. But, if you have a business proposal or are visiting to hire me, please check out the my Professional page and contact me.

You will often see me learning new languages from friends, relatives, colleagues – querying about verb forms, variation with tenses, appropriateness & applicability of adjectives to contexts – grasping oddities too. You will find me requesting native speakers to repeat words to pick up on typical, genuine pronunciations till I get it right myself; and, trying out the little language I pick up. This comes from an inner interest of learning and attention to detail, but also has found precise expressiveness as a perfect catalyst. Fortunate to be born in India, where they say that the water changes every couple of miles and the language/dialect changes every eight miles (कोस-कोस पर बदले पानी, चार कोस पर वाणी), I have been surrounded with lots of different cultures and people with varied backgrounds & languages. Idioms, phrases, adages, figures of speech, proverbs, play with words, etc. get my special attention. Like a picture communicates a lot more than just words, these elements of expression, I believe, help your thoughts across more than just plainly stated words. There is a tourist in me which hitches a ride for short trips to appreciate the variation of cultures, untold rules and rationale behind each different area, language. Not forgetting to mention, programming languages also interest me equally. 😛


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