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If you

  1. Want to build/Have a long-term strategy for your product/solution,
  2. Take products to the next level with high-performance, efficient, optimal, generic, highly modular, reusable, future-ready, evolving, modern products/implementations based on strong design principles,
  3. Prioritise quality, efficiency, innovation, automation, improvements, knowledge enhancement,
  4. Undergo technical or organisational transformation be it Cloud-Native, DevOps, Set-up Shared InnerSource Software Capital, Agile, SAFe, Intersite/Team reorg, Platformization, Systems Rationalisation, or other,
  5. Want to build a high-performance culture & teams, team growth, empowerment, self-organising teams, uphold high performance standards
  6. Like to have a creative twist & take on attacking markets, solution approaches & tackling problems

Let’s talk possibilities! Please contact me.


Evolve & adapt products with changing market & organization balancing tactical & strategic objectives for customer delight, everlasting-ness and longevity

Build highly motivated & engaged teams with a culture of high performance & ownership, working collaboratively towards organisational goals; drive team Agile transformations & Innovation

Research, develop & guide technical evolution roadmaps for product-lines & teams

Get It Done… without losing speed!!!

Highlights and accomplishments

  1. High performance & scalability improvement of a system from it’s older peak of 65 Gbps to 150 Gbps (with the same resources!? – we will find out soon)
  2. Building Smart Data Platform for Tbps scale ingestion, telecom & system analyses, adaptive actions at the Edge with Cloud-Native, Observability, High-performance,
  3. Enhance Open-source Apache Thrift to improve performance
  4. Build a low-latency decentralized system to exchange CP info (call signalling) to enable several remote systems analysing UP (media) for CUPS technology using Apache Kafka also paving the way for 5G processing
  5. Improve performance & scalability of AVRO encoding & publishing system with conflicting dynamic schema requirement to save 45% in no. of cores required
  6. Build an asynchronous scalable system for the Cloud using modern executors to achieve secured high-speed streaming & filtering within Containers
  7. Performance improvement of an Innersource C++ library and a JNI Java Wrapper over it by 50%
  8. Automated code generation drive to speed up AVRO implementation by 50%
  9. Build optimisation to speed up build by 25%
  10. Performance improvement of ProxyFlex IMS proxies by 20%
  11. Code Modernisation & InnerSource Evangelist driving reusable artefacts resulting in savings across components by 30% to 50% for teams reusing them
I am currently building (multiple in parallel)
  1. Transform a UP (media) telecom customer experience product to be low-latency, high-throughput and high-performance with linear scalability going from current 80 Gbps to 150 Gbps
  2. Build a Smart Data Platform for intelligent & consistent sourcing & processing network events and take smart, adaptive actions thereof
  3. 3GPP Standard compliant CUPS Network transformation with distributed microservices based separation of CP (signalling) and UP (media) traffic for 4G & 5G networks
  4. Dynamic schema based AVRO records publishing system for Big Data consumption over Apache Kafka
  5. Real-time Network Packet Streaming end-to-end with low latency, secure & feature-packed traffic filtering using Microservices and Dockers for live network traffic over QUIC
  6. WireShark Open-Source modification to obfuscate SPI (Sensitive Personal Information)
  7. A high-performance, low-latency InnerSource Security library to enforce GDPR compliance across the product line based on Hashicorp Vault
  8. Drive Cloud Native transformation for Network Monitoring and Service Assurance product

Talks and Presentations

  1. Functional Composable Operations with Unix-Style Pipes in C++ at CppCon 2022 on 12-Sep-22
  2. How C++ eliminated memory issues at CppIndiaCon 2022 on 06-Aug-22
  3. Functional | and | Unix-style | Composable | Operations | in | C++ at CppIndia on 18-Jun-22
  4. Love Code Reviews? Try Pair Programming Instead at CppCon 2021 on 28-Oct-21
  5. P.3 Express Intent (1 of N) at CppIndia on 28-Aug-21
  6. C++ Concepts: The Base Classes of Generic Programming? Or Not? at CppIndiaCon 2021 on 15-Aug-21
  7. Why C++ for Large Scale Systems? at CppCon 2020 on 17-Sep-20
  8. Easing into C++ <templates> at CppIndia on 21-Nov-20
  9. Easing into C++ <templates> – Part 2 at CppIndia on 05-Dec-20
  10. Love-Hate Relationships in C++ at CppIndia on 13-Feb-21
  11. P.3 Express Intent (1 of N) at CppIndia on 28-Aug-21
  12. SOLID Design in EXFO in Jun-20
  13. Clean Code Tech Talk in EXFO in Jun-20
  14. Dockers presentation in EXFO in Feb-20


  1. apache/thrift enhancement to improve optimality and performance of the generated C++ code
  2. Wireshark enhancements to obfuscate SPI (Sensitive Personal Information) from packets for GDPR compliance
  3. CppCoreGuidelines contribution (See @sankurm)
  4. Gcc-Plugin to generate automated code for UT
  5. Enhance Apache AVRO encoding to optimise dynamic memory management

Core competencies – Software

  • Software: Architecture, Design, TDD, UML, OOAD, SOLID, Design patterns
  • Programming: C++, C, Java, PL/SQL, Shell scripting, YAML
  • C++: C++23, C++20, C++17, C++14, C++11, STL, boost, Concurrency, Parallelism, multi-thread & multi-process programming, CppCheck, GTest, GMock, Catch2, cppUnit, Purify, Address sanitizer
  • CI/CD: GitLab, GitLabFlow, Trunk-based Development
  • Methodologies: SAFe, Agile software development, Scrum, Waterfall development, SDLC
  • Networking: BSD socket programming, DPDK Fast Path
  • Web: RESTful Webservices, Apache, JSON, XML
  • Cloud & Virtualization: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, VMWare ESXi, OpenStack
  • Streaming & Messaging: Apache Kafka, Apache Thrift
  • Platform: UNIX, Linux
  • Tools: git, Enterprise Architect, Borland Together, CVS, JIRA Agile, MS Project, MS Visio, gcc-plugin
  • Estimation: FP, CFP, SMC
  • Databases: Oracle, Hbase

Core competencies – Telecom

  • 4G/LTE & 5G landscape
  • IMS: Hands-on experience & building from scratch of P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, HSS, SCC-AS, MG, MGC and their various interfaces
  • EPC: ENB, MME, S1
  • 3GPP, VoIP: VoLTE, WebRTC, SRVCC, RCS, SIP, Diameter, H.248/Megaco, ISUP, SIP Subscribe-notify

Certifications & Workshops

  • OpenStack Administration training by Red Hat, Jan-18 to Mar-18
  • PSM-1 (Professional Scrum Master) by in 14-Jul-15
  • Evolved Packet Core – EPC by Merito Forum on 21-Mar-12
  • Workshop on Negotiations: An Interpersonal Approach by Dale Carnegie Training in Feb-12
  • Six sigma green belt by TQMI


Previous Projects

Virtualised networking solution based on DPDK fast path
  • a high-performance application using DPDK fast path
  • to generate and transmit high-speed, low latency data over network
  • exposed as a service
  • over virtual machines (OpenStack & VMWare)

I got my kicks from venturing into the alien territory of DPDK world without prior knowledge or assistance. I call it the love of the unknown!

Generic Dynamic AVRO schema based event encoding & interface with Apache Kafka
  • Generic Architecture & InnerSource library for Apache AVRO encoding based on Dynamic Schema
  • Scalable communication to Apache Kafka

Roles and responsibilities

I have worked in varied roles through my career:

  • Architect
  • Technical Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Lead
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Software Engineer
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