Talks and Presentations

My talks & presentations at many conferences and user groups are listed here. Contact me if you want me to speak at your event or have a query on my talks or other subjects.

CppCon 2022: My talk goes live on Diwali day! Do check out my repo and simplify your code with my generic-pipelines.

C++ pipelines are a thing! Go functional.

Achieve your business logic in ~0% syntax and 100% domain constructs!

Tall claim? I don’t think so… tell me what you disagree with. For years now, I have not dealt with memory myself by hand!

A practical guide to adopting C++20 concepts and retain sanity in a mesh of templates!

Does your code truly convey it’s intention and not just it’s nuts and bolts?

A guide to making better implementation choices – jump around the timestamps/chapter in the talk to check out my recommendations on a specific topic!

Be a rockstar Generic Progammer with my take on templates

Keep going with templates!

A successful experiment I did at work!

I was asked why use C++. I summarized my reasons in this talk.

Concise and precise! Improve your code with Unix style pipes! It’s possible…

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